Standards for AP European History

The standards for AP European history are defined by the CollegeBoard and included in the course description document. There are 30 themes divided among three categories: intellectual and cultural history; political and diplomatic history; and social and economic history. The time span is from 1450 until 2001.


Standards: (ISTE)

1. Basic Operations and Concepts

Students learned how to use a wiki to create a quick web page without having to learn HTML or deal with issues such as uploading files to a server.

2. Social, Ethical, and Human Issues

Students investigated the reasons and connections behind historical events of Europe in the late 1700's.

3. Technology Productivity Tools

Students used the wiki editor to create a web page.

4. Technology Communications Tools

Students used the wiki to collaborate with each other and disseminate information through the Internet.

6. Technology Problem-solving and Decision-making Tools

Students made critical judgments about the value of each other's efforts.