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I graduated from Rutgers University with a bachelor's in biology. I did almost ten years of biomedical research at two research universities (University of Pennsylvania - Alzheimer's disease; Emory - AIDS). I became a biology teacher and then went through DeKalb's Alternative Certification Program to become a certified teacher. I then achieved gifted certification, and also became an InTech redelivery Instructor for DeKalb. I am well-recognized in my school as being technology oriented; I managed to sign out a projector for the year, the rest of the 100 teachers have to share the other five LCD projectors. My interest in teaching and technology drove me to the UGA TIP program, where I am currently working towards my M.Ed. My main philosophy about technology in education is that good instruction has to come first, and technology should first be allocated to those teachers whose classrooms will immediately benefit and then develop initiatives to bring the rest of the teachers on board. The more choices students have and the more involved the students are in their own learning, the more students will be willing to be responsible for their own learning.

John Martin