Examples of technology integration using wikis
LOTI Level
ISTE Standards
(Standard 1 is assumed for most technology projects)
Students in several South Dakota middle schools investigated the quality of the Missouri River by collecting data. The compiled data was then posted on a wiki for the other schools, researches at a local University, government policy makers, and the community at large.
Middle school science students
Wiki (Twiki)
The students directly collected data, and they were involved in the creation of web articles.The technology is used to diagnose a problem relating to an overall theme, so it rates a 4A.

Standard 2: Students were involved in a human issue (the environment)
Standard 4: Students produced a web based article
Standard 5: Students collected raw data

This site teaches students about specroscopy through a wiki. Students can research background information or even edit and contribute articles.
Undergraduate Chemistry students
Wiki, some Flash or other animations
The students who are merely collecting information from the web are working at a low level (LOTI 2) but students who actually help maintain articles can be at LOTI 4A. Standard 3: Students produced documents about spectroscopy
Standard 5: Students used a wiki to research and learn about spectroscopy
Molecular Biology Course Wiki page at UMBC
Students created individual and group wiki projects, a wiki glossary, and a wiki journal.
Undergraduate and Graduate Biology students
Wiki (Mediawiki)
Students are creating a variety of projects and the instructor has interwoven the use of the wiki into many layers of the course. This routine use is at level 4B.

Standard 3: Students created a variety of projects and documents in the wiki

Standard 5: Students use the wiki for reference (glossary)