Table of Contents
Introduction An overview of the project, its rationale and a brief description of the project and its impact on learning

Europe in the 1500's



Europe in 2000

The Lesson: How does a wiki work? How can students edit web pages on the fly? What features of a wiki can benefit teachers, as well as motivate students? What benefits did the wiki afford us for this project?
Student Work:

A variety of student samples show high levels of performance.


The rubric must be aligned to the real scoring guide for the AP exam. In addition, students were assessed on contributions and peer feedback.

Standards: The project is guided by the ISTE and AP European History standards.

Web sites that we used to help develop the project.

Reflections: I reflect on the successes and frustrations of the project.
Other Examples for High School Science: Several student projects from various web sites.
Author Information: A mini-biography tells my story.