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September 24, 2006:  Having dinner at Aunt Sonja's during our visit to New Jersey.

September 2006:  Fall class picture.  They did 5 poses, which ranged from confused to majorly pouty, so this was actually the best of the bunch.

Hard to think of him as a baby anymore.  *sob*

Party time!  Where's the cake?

Zachary begins his birthday with a pancake breakfast.

May 28, 2006:  Back at home.  It's naptime!  Haircuts can really wear you out.

May 28, 2006:  Zachary's first haircut (the "before" look)

May 7, 2006:  Wearing his tie-dyed onesie and mommy's baseball cap.

May 2, 2006:  Enjoying his new bath toys (thanks gma Carol!)

April 16, 2006:  Zachary's first Easter.

April 7, 2006:  Mommy got a new camera!

April 2, 2006:  Duck, duck, goose!

January 15, 2006:  Agent 003 1/2, license to drool.

December 31, 2005:  Waiting for daddy to wake up.

December 25, 2005:  Merry Christmas!

November 24, 2005:  Zack's first Thanksgiving, at Tate

November 7, 2005:  first taste of rice cereal (assuming some actually made it into his mouth).

October 31, 2005:  My Little Pony

October 22, 2005:  the newest addition to mommy's penguin collection (thanks to his grandparents in Spain).

October 2, 2005:  Celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary by riding the "ducks" (1945 era Army DUKW vehicles that go from land to water) at Stone Mountain. 

October 2, 2005:  Daddy and Zack try out their duck noisemakers.  Every rider got one and there was even a sing-a-long, which Zack did not like at all.

September 19, 2005:  on the way to his first day at daycare.  About 30 seconds after this picture was taken, he spit milk up onto his shirt.  Forty minutes after that, he got poop on his socks and he peed all over his clothes during a diaper change.  So much for first impressions (and new clothes)!