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The zygote is the first cell of a new living being

Topic:Introduction to Biology and the Process of Science

Objective:TSWBAT list and define the properties of life
TSWBAT will list the steps of the scientific method
Using the scientific method, TSWBAT design an experiment that tests a hypothesis

GPS Standards ( skills

Chapter Connections:Chapter 1

Key Vocabulary Terms:

biology cell reproduction
metabolism homeostasis gene
heredity mutation evolution
species natural selection ecology

Introduction:The themes of biology are complex, but do not confuse them with the actual properties of life. In addition, this unit exposes you to the scientific method, and some biological problems. I will also teach you how to read your textbook, and how to read less of it.

Concept Definition Map (CDM): CDM on biology

Presentation:Scientific method: Fill in the blanks!

  1. Using an example from your life/observations, fill in the blanks for the scientific method flow chart.
  2. The entire map can be hypothetical, but should follow the scientific method.
(Download this file and fill it out and submit it by e-mailing me or print it out, fill it in, and bring it to class on Wednesday.

Practice: This week you have several assignments:

  1. Define and solve a problem that can be solved using biology
    (I'm working on a method to make this editable on-line and automatically saved.)
  2. Design an experiment that tests your hypothesis (from class)
  3. Take the open book safety quiz
  4. Bring in paper towels by Wednesday for the lab
  5. Read Chapter 1 in your textbook

Quiz:Pop quiz on Monday, maybe? Also, lab safety quizzes are due by Monday
Sometimes, we may take quizzes on-line, but I think you have enough this week.


SciLinks - Log in as a guest and enter the codes you see below (these are in your textbook)

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Animations and other links - (may require other software or plug-ins:)

Flash scientific method
Flash Cards

On-line biology book chapters: Nature of science and biology

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