panaderia bakery shop accent i
pasteleria pastry shop accent i 
caja cash register
atun tuna accent u
arroz rice
correo mail
buzon mailbox accent u
sello stamp
sobre envelope
direccion address accent o
zona postal zip code
entraga delivery
cartero mail carrier
auricular receiver
bocina steering wheel
enviar to send
asegurar to insure
echar to throw
pesar toweigh
goma wheel
tanque gas tank
bateria battery accent i
direccional turning lights
puesto  stall
trafico traffic accent a
frenos brakes
cinturon belt accent o
aceite oil
gasoline gasoline
cruce intersection
semaforo street light accent a
peaton pedestrian accent o
parquimetro parking meter accent i
rotulo route accent o 1
al lado de to the side of
acera sidewalk
iglesia church
estacionar park
adelantar to overtake
velocidad speed
buzon mailbox accent o