Web Review

Many kids know about both mitosis and meiosis, but few know how to tell the difference between the two.

To me, the book never clearly illustated how meiosis was for gametes and mitosis was for somatic cells. I mean, I knew, but did the book ever truly tell me that? The answer to that question is no. So I set out to find some websites that did.


NOVA Online How Cells Divide: Mitosis vs Meiosis

                        This site was the best. Great animations, universal lauguage - geared at everyone, unversity pages don't often do that - and very easy to understand. They showed the two processes side by side, no difficulties in comparing them at all. The flash was incredible, very smooth. I have nothing negative to say about this site, except for the fact that slower computers may have a harder time of it. It was a much better resource than the book was, I highly recommend it either as a extended source or even your primary one. Amazing site, it was my favorite, if you couldn't tell. Five stars out of five stars, excellent, excelllent.


Mitosis vs Meiosis

                        I wasn't too impressed with site. There were no animations, simply pictures that were confusing if you hadn't really delved into the subject. The wording - great, but only if you had a clue when you first went to the site. Not a good primary learing tool at all , in my opinion. It was a good site, of course, very informative, but really, not a good page for for your average ninth grader. It even confused me, and I thought I had a pretty good handle on the whole thing. Don't get me wrong, it was nice but it annoyed me for some odd reason. Probably because I felt incredibly stupid as I left. If you were confused when you left the book, I wouldn't go here anytime soon. Two stars - only because I'm a nice person.


Dr. Chromo's School

                                    This was okay. It was useful only if you knew what was going on by having gone to his other pages as well.  The division of the site was also confusing, as while there was a separating line it didn't seem obvious to me.  I had to search for it. The information was correct, it'd be horrible if we had to corrcect the poor doctor. I also thought the pictures were pretty good. It just didn't stike me as an oustanding site. However, since I didn't hate it as much as the page before this it shall recieve a higher score. Three stars.


            My reviews attempt to criticize things that would have universal appeal, like bright colors and pretty animations, whether the information was true and how easy it was to understand. The only site that truly benefited me was the Nova site I listed, it was true enrichment. The other two weren't that great, simply better than the book. Which, if you think about it, isn't that hard.


biblio for project


nova online www. pbs.org/wgbh/nova/miracle/ divi_flash.html


ameiois www. stanford.edu/groups/urchin/ameiosis.htm


mitosis vs meiosis www.vcbio.science.ru.nl/en/virtuallessons/cellcycle/mitomeio


dr chromos School www.rothamstead.bbsrc.ac.uk/notebook/courses/guide/meiogif.htm