I had been having horrible headaches for a long time. I always thought, well its only a headache nothing major. All I need is an advil and I'll be fine. I never ever would have thought that I could have something as serious as a brain tumor!

            I went to the doctor because the headaches were getting progressively worse and worse. They gave me some medication because they believed that it was only migranes. The medication still didn't work for me. I told the doctor but he did not know what he was doing at all. I went to another doctor and they told me that I had symptoms of a brain tumor! He sent me to ANOTHER doctor. He did an X-ray on my head and told me that they would have the results of the X-ray the next day.

            I went the next day only to find out that I had a tumor about the size of golf ball. When I heard the news the only thing that I could do was stare at the X-ray and SCREAM!!!! The doctor tried to tell me that everything was going be ok. I didn't believe a word that he said.

            I went home with a complete sadness on my face. I didn't want to face it but I had to know what was inside of me and how it got there.