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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Con: Growing Human Body Parts on Animals

Growing Human Body parts on a animal is dangerous and it contains many risks. There are so many steps that go into doing this kind of tissue engineering. In order to successfully perform this kind of procedure, you would have to do the following. You would have to find a sutiable animal, find a animal whos body can accept these foreign cells and make sure that it does not affect the animal's immune system. In the following debate, I will list reasons for why it is morally wrong and unsafe to perform such a extreme procedure.

Researchers used a mouse with no immune system. This was so that the mouse's body would accept the foreign cells. N ext using fibers that the body could easily process and mixing them with human cartilege cells, they molded it under the rats skin. They did this to trick the rat's body into taking the cells. After the cells multiplied quickly, the ear grew on its back.

In the paragraph above, that was the details of how this radical procedure was done. They tricked the rat's body by removing the immune system. How will the rat fight off diseases after the ear has fully grown and been taken off? Also because there is no immune system, the ear could be able to pick up some detamonated cells because the body can not detect them. And with the cells multiplying so fast, how can they tell which cells are good or bad.

After the body part is fully grown, it will be placed on a human. After this is done, what if a disease, virus or scar starts to appear because of the new body part. Will our immune system be able to fight it off or because the rat's body had no immune system, will it weaken ours? This will cause a new problem for scientist to figure out.

This type of procedure is a type of tissue engineering. It is very new to the science field. Human cloning has not always been very successful. In some cases, cells have multiplied too fast causing the clone to die. Also clonign sex cells and different species is not as expensive as doing tissue engineering. It is also morally and ethnically wrong. It is just not human. If you were not born with a certain body part or lost it due to certain circumstances, it was for a reason. Replacing something that could possibly hurt you is not better than not having it at all.

To conclude, growing human body parts on a animal is just wrong. It could cause more health risks or issues. It can cause a disease, virus, weird scar or weaken our immune system. And finally it is morally and ethnically wrong. Then also you have to look at what it does to the animal. It will have no immune system. After the procedure, how will it protect its own body. Although we have advanced with human cloning, somehting as dangerous as this which is risking two lives may cause something we as human beings can not cure or stop.



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