As any student would know the internet is full of small supposedly informative websites that offer little to no help for the assignment you need to finish. With a fresh breath of air I found one that isn’t completely useless. is a small time site made by a Georgian teacher for the use of his students and others in need of aide. When first entering the site I was greeted by a large green frog, little did I know this was the first of a couple surprises the site gave me


            At first glance the site looks like something a 16 year old tech junkie through together for his own personal use. Which, in most cases may be a good thing because it won’t discourage the technically uninitiated from viewing the site. Thankfully, the site makes up for this with intuitive presentations and information. But I quickly got past the distracting frog and leaped into the site. I clicked on the links that I thought were relevant seeing as though the site is a work in process and it should be scrutinized as so. So in doing so, clicking on all the links, I could get a quick feel of the site’s structure and how it worked.

            The first instructional link of the site that I clicked on named “Introduction to the Class  was actually more of an introduction to the web page, kind of like a concise manual on how the site works, while informative it was a little misleading.

First off I must state I wasn't too keen on the two frame web page design, while effective it really isn't needed and it seems like the second, more large frame, is just useless filler, and it wouldn’t hurt if the site was consistent. The two frame scheme is okay just not a necessity for the first page, however  with the rest of the site it is a very useful addition, and the excess space on the front page could possibly be used to keep students updated on homework and or any other useful things they may need to know for class.

            Once you finally get to the helpful parts of the site you are greeted with an interesting, fairly functional layout. First you are provided with an image illustrating the chapter, a few key terms that you may need to know for full comprehension and a brief overview of the subject matter. This is a tried and true method used in almost every text book made in the past 20 years. Why fix something not broken?  One major grievance of mine is the overdependence of power point presentations on the site. When the other tutorial outlets aren’t helpful and you want to try alternative routes, without power point installed, it is almost like looking at free money through an electrical wire fence. Although this is slightly redeemed by the shockwave and java presentations, even though they cower in comparison to the power point presentations. I often ran into this pop-up which stopped me from using the aide:


            In conclusion the site is a solid tutorial skill. It is definitely worth bookmarking seeing as though it takes the hard part of finding sources of information and complying them into a fairly decent scheme for your pleasure. The short comings expressed in this review aren’t that hindering to the overall goal of the site, which is to help the student, and for that it does a wonderful job of it. This teacher is probably more accessible to his students than their next door neighbor. I love the way technology has been implemented to give students a certain edge that most other schools cannot boast. I would rate this site a 7.5 out of 10.         

                                                                                                                                    Joel *******


                                                                                                                                    Period 4