Smith, Jacinta Telephone interview  November 1 2005


She is a microbiologist and works at the Center for Desease Control


What do microbioligist do

we work with microbs not visible to the nakedeye.  Such as bacteria viruses  and even some yeast.  I partically work with food born pathogens


Where did you get your degrees


The University of georgia Bachelors ofScience in Microbilogy Mastersin Medical Micro Biology.



 Howlong did this take you..

4 yers for undegrad 2 for masters



What are food born pathogens


food born pathogens have specific baterias that cause illnesses.


What are some types of foodborn



Salmenella E. coli and campylobeer




Would a tapeworm be called a food born pathogen

Yes technically yes tape worms are eukaryotic although they are not in myfield.



Are there many deaths with pathogens.


For the most part it happens to babies and elderly people.  If you healthy individual then your not likley to die fr it. 



What are pathogens in general

Pathogens are anuy organism that can cause deasese or illness.


Are food born pathogens present in animals.


Yes salminella is mostly in the intestines of chicken.  Which is why humans often get saminella by eating undercookedchicken.


What is Saminella


Saminella is a gram negative rod and is classified under the group of bacteria called interobacteriae.  Allso saminella and e coli are both interobacteriae.  Both gram negative rods and they cause illness in human through eating contaminating food.


Campylobacter are what


They are baterium that cause diesese in humans by undercooked meat or poultry .Most peoplethink that e coli  and salmenella are the leding causes of foodpoising (gastroenteritis) buti n all actuallity it is campylobactors.


Why is all this poisoning found in the meat and poultry.


Great question man you can get salminella frm vegetetables because of secal contamination.  These Pathogens such as salmenella and ecloi live in the intestinesof the cows and chicken.  When humans ea it is when it becomes a harmful pathogen.


Does salminella poisoning have any thing to do with madcow deasease.


Mad cow deaseas is caused by proteins called prions andprions normally survive in the bran of the cow and eventually upset the cows nervous sysem.  Itdoes not naturally live in the cow.



What new types of technology are microbiologist using in their studiestoday.


The latest cutting edge technology in science nanotechnology.  Nano technology isthe useof very small   sub units to conduct microscopic research.




What is the latest crisis in food born pathogen.


Adianinfluenza Adian which mean bird flu.  It is public health concer because the bird flu could combine with the human flu and cause a pandemic.  A pandemic is a out break of a peticular desease arcoss the world.  This crisis is so important that President Bush is proposing a 7 billion dollar budget towards Adian flu research.