be careful what you breath in... it might not come back out !

  By: Ralph **********


      I can't believe it .... wait a minute, let me start off by saying that my name is General White. I am a WBC, and I lead the white jacket troops in Ralph's body  army of one. Enough about me, we are in the middle of the WAR AGAINST VIRUS AND DISEASE! and the pathogens have invaded. Our first line of defense has been penatrated and   I had to deploy troops to attack and destroy the oncomming pathegon troops. 012 hours later I got word from a wounded soilder that the deployed troops had been defeated in the battle of the entrance. It was up to me and the T cell warriors of battle to finish this war but, we needed the plasma 249. The plasma 249 was able to shoot out the rare antibody ammuntion. The plasma 249 was high in product, becasue Helper T cells kept moving in with supplies. The ammuntion actually puntured through the brain of the infected enemies (membrane) and flushed them with water (H20). Everyone was out in the field of war so I wasn't just going to sit there and watch so I grabbed me a plasma 249 and started blasting away killing any foriegn invaders. But with any war there was a form of treason present, while in combat I ran into an old soilder that I deployed on the first move out to the battle of entrance. I saw him and put out a hand, but he spit on it and started to aim at me. As a General I had no choice but to think quickly, the only explanation for this side switch would be that he was INFECTED with a virus! The pathogen had taken over his body, and created an enemy out of a fellow soilder so I had to terminate it! The bad bacteria, antigen covered pathogens, and viruses were reducing by the second. Many soilders risked their lives, and many sacrificed theirs. But in the end Ralph's body army of one emerged victorious! Now we regroup (replicate and reproduce) and await the first battle of the next war.



Mr. Martin I do have pictures to illustate this story, but I have emailed them to you. The subject is Army Of One Pictures.