Biology resources - The Georgia Performance Standards for science - The Biology Project has activities and assessments for biology students - The On-line Biology book; This web site largely contains static images and text - This site contains animations and interactive, virtual biology labs – Our classroom blog

http://www.thinkdolearn/biology - Our classroom web site – This resource is connected to our textbook and provides web resources on a variety of topics.

Technology resources - The ISTE organization web site The ISTE technology standards for students Tony Vincent’s site about using PDA’s in the classroom,1,Slide 1 – Compares the use of PDA’s to Laptops in classrooms - This overview documents the benefits of handhelds in class A comprehensive study of the use of Palms in several classrooms - A list of K-12 lesson plans using Palm devices - a list of links for using Palms in the classroom - Donna McGauley is DeKalb’s Instructional Technology Specialist in charge of my PDA devices. It includes a brainstormed list of Palm activities, and instructions for managing a class set of Palm devices.