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tedun — 13 March 2006, 21:38

K, Brittney and Brittni. I've done the 2nd and 3rd, hope there aren't too many mistakes. ;) There are 7 documents left, but I can put the remaining doc. into the conclusion. Ummm, if you need help I have a pretty good idea how the remaining paragraphs should go. Don't forget this thing is due Weds!

bthompson — 14 March 2006, 17:18

I did the conclusion. What should be done with the remaining 7 documents?

jbrown — 14 March 2006, 20:03

for the conclusion, "in summation" is a phrase for a debate or speech. i can't really think of a word to replace it though.

tedun — 14 March 2006, 20:43

I'm almost done. Going to do about two more paragraphs in between the 4th and the conclusion. I should be able to put 6 doc.'s into that.

tedun — 14 March 2006, 21:13


dmccray — 17 March 2006, 09:44

nice use of documents. um, i have to read this more carefully to find any serious critiques.

bwright — 19 March 2006, 00:42

Hi! I really liked the thesis. everything sounds good to me!

sotolorin — 19 March 2006, 12:57

Um...I felt that it was hard to follow, and that the numerous quotes at times detracted from the relevance of the paragraphs. I might need to reread though. But kudos for making the best of a staggering amount of documents, I only had 9 and of that 2 were pictures.

zpierce — 20 March 2006, 12:35

This is a prime DBQ. Very understanding, good use of documents.

mstrickland — 24 March 2006, 21:17

The dbq was really good. It had a goo thesis and good following paragraphs. But you all don't have to quote the documetns as you all did. Just say in document 5 it said blah blah blah, not copy a whole 3 sentences from the document.

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