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sashford — 15 March 2006, 01:08

Ok, we have the french revolution DBQ and have been trying to post it for a minute on several different pages because our DBQ page about women just completely disappeared.

tedun — 17 March 2006, 19:24

Alright, for a DBQ this seems really short. It does seem to go over everything though.

bwright — 19 March 2006, 00:44

Good work. I think the documents should be grouped a little better though.

sotolorin — 19 March 2006, 13:14

...^ Are you kidding me? Maybe I need to read it again. Hold up I'll reread and make another post...

sotolorin — 19 March 2006, 13:22

Okay...I don't want to seem condescending, but I think it really needs work. Firstly, the immense amount of documents calls for at least 3 body paragraphs in addition to your intro and conclusion. Secondly, this threw me off "...constitutional government free from corruption from gevernmental injustice and corruption," it was too repetitive. Thirdly, to have such a significant and broad topic I honestly expected to gain more from reading that. I honestly could have written that without looking at your DBQ or at any of the documents. Sorry guys, but I thought it was "lacking" at best.

bthompson — 19 March 2006, 18:40

It was a little hard to follow, i dont know, maybe the grouping of the documents were off.

zpierce — 20 March 2006, 12:37

Hey, I like the way you placed the document to give full understanding. Good work.

jbrown — 23 March 2006, 09:30

this is a work in progress. and is in no way what we consider our best work. thanks.

jbrown — 23 March 2006, 09:34

and oh yeah, the documents seemed contradictory to the point that we were supposed to be supporting, thus, there is a discrepancy with the documents and grouping.

dmccray — 23 March 2006, 09:50

comments appreciated. however, due to technical difficulties we are missing both our conclusion and a significant paragraph. therefore, any comments good or bad are invalid as of now. please bear with us and continue to check back for a completed answer to our dbq at which time we'd greatly appreciate complete assessments.

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