Summary of the Presentation:

Diagrams and equations

A summary of thin lens (TL) diagram.

Click on the diagram to open in its own window that includes a reference table that defines the variables.

TL equations

1) 1/f = 1/b + 1/g

2) m= B/G = b/g (m = magnification) If m < 1, then the image is actually reduced.

Determining the controlling dimension

Width to height ratios are equal for both the scene and image: (WS / HS) = (WC / HC), then G = either WS or HS

Width is the controlling dimension: (WS / HS) >(WC / HC), then G = WS

Height is the controlling dimension: (WS / HS) < (WC / HC), then G = HS

B will always equal the corresponding variable for the image: WC or HC

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