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Formative evaluation - pre-test

Indicate whether you agree with the sentence or statement.


Did the links to the pre-test and learner analysis work properly?


Did the links to the pre-test and learner analysis pop-up in a new window?


Did the pre-test send you to a page that informed you that the results had been e-mailed to


Did you receive a score for the pre-test?

Short Answer


Clarity - Was our message clear? Were the questions easily understood?


Impact - Was the pre-test too easy, too hard, just fine, or did it vary by question?

We will ask more questions about the alignmebnt of the pre-test with the lesson at the end.


Feasibility - Is the lesson working for you in terms of time and resources?

Did the pre-test or the learner analysis take too much time? How long did they each take you?


Describe any of the following errors or issues. Please indicate if they occurred in the learner analysis, the pre-test, or this survey: Add any comments as you see fit.

Errors - formatting, mechanical (grammar, spelling, unclear figures)
Technical issues - audio, video, other issues
Miscellaneous - anything else you can add about the section

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