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Formative evaluation - Lesson materials

Indicate whether you agree with the sentence or statement.


Did the links to the lesson presentation and the reference sheet work properly?


Did the links to the lesson presentation and the reference sheet pop-up in a new window?


Did the video work for the lesson presentation?


Did the audio work for the lesson presentation?


Was the lesson presentation easy to navigate?

Short Answer


Clarity - Was our message clear? Were you able to understand the concepts taught? Were there any terms that you could not comprehend (jargon?)


Impact - Could you learn the material from the lesson video provided? ?

Was the lesson review material useful for review/learning? Was the reference pop-up useful for review/learning?


Feasibility - Is the lesson working for you in terms of time and resources?

How long did the lesson take you before you understood the material? How many times did you review the lesson video? Did you use the navigation system to go back and forth in the video, and if so, did that help your understanding of the concepts?


Describe any of the following errors or issues. Please indicate if they occurred in the lesson video, the review materials or this survey: Add any comments as you see fit.

Errors - formatting, mechanical (grammar, spelling, unclear figures)
Technical issues - audio, video, other issues
Miscellaneous - anything else you can add about the section

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