The Scientist

You do your best thinking and planning in a laboratory or similar environment. In Atlanta you head to the basement labs of the Office of Malaria Control. On this ship, you decide, the best substitute is the infirmary. There should be a desk in there.

You open your dossier, and you’re immediately absorbed by the contents.

You turn the page and learn that Operation Eyewitness is to collect evidence of persecution of the Jews in Nazi occupied Europe. The four of you are to deliver the team’s final one to two page report directly to President Roosevelt—for his eyes only. As the war progresses, FDR needs information which he can use to persuade Churchill and Stalin of the need for immediate united military action on Berlin. He believes Operation Eyewitness will be valuable in providing some of that information.

You take a deep breath. You thought you were ready; now you wonder. You’ve heard the rumors about persecution and death camps. Now it’s your job to get proof.


You turn to the next page to get background information which you will share with your team members at a group briefing tonight at 1900 hours.



Your skin crawls as you finish reading. Your military watch reads 1855. You rush to meet the other members of Operation Eyewitness in your stateroom.