It is early 1944. The world is at war! You've just finished the first round of spy training, and you cannot wait for your first mission against the Nazis. The courier envelope calling you to Washington came yesterday. You are now in the office of "Wild Bill" Donovan, head of the OSS, the secret organization you work for. Three of your friends from training are also with you.

"Good morning. You have been selected for a very deadly mission.There are rumors coming out of Germany, Poland, Hungary, Italy, and other countries that people, thousands of them, mostly Jewish people, have gone missing over the last ten years. Even entire towns and neighborhoods have disappeared. . .We are going to train you to operate together in a dangerous environment. I have a different job for each of you; you will receive two more weeks of training in England until you are subject matter experts."

Donovan hands you each a manila folder. "Your orders are very clear, carry them out." He leaves the room.

You open the manila folder labeled "Top Secret Orders."





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